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Five stars. Cozy family feel with awesome food. Great place to stop for ice cream. Dave (February 2018)

Five stars. Very nice place!! Service is phenomenal and the food is wonderful. I highly recommend it for a cozy, casual dining experience. Kim (January 2018)

Five stars. I had a spinach omelet. I think it was the best I've ever had. Fresh spinach too. Carol (January 2018) 

Five stars. Great food and great service. Betty (January 2018)

Five stars. Quaint, great food. Good service. Phil (January 2018)

Four stars. Larry (January 2018)

Five stars. Good and fun place to eat. Phil (January 2018)

Four stars. Good local small cafe. Specializing in soups, sandwiches, and desserts, especially ice cream creations using Turkey Hill ice ceam. Carl (January 2018)

Five stars. One of my favorite places to go eat, the food is great and the atmosphere is great, love it! Bonnie (January 2018)

Five stars. It's a very nice local eatery with a good selection of meals and ice cream. I recommend going there primarily if you are hungry, but you are free to stop by anytime they are open...Who am I to tell you what to do?! Tom (January 2018)

Five stars. Avalea (December 2017)

Five stars. Whenever in Lancaster we always stop their lunch breakfast dinner. Great ice cream also. Charles (December 2017)

Five stars. Great food, great people with a hometown feel! Tanya (December 2017)

Five stars. Always yummy lunches...salads, soups and sandwiches. Ice cream too! Kim (November 2017)

Five stars. Eowyn (November 2017)

Five stars. Edwin (October 2017)

Five stars. Steven (September 2017)

Five stars. Jesse (September 2017)

Five stars. A warm welcoming environment with great food and attentive service! Karen (September 2017)

Five stars. Food was excellent. Joel (September 2017)

Five stars. Considering the always kind owners can be found at common folk tables room for error is simply a non issue. Their attention to service detail is matched only by the phenomenally prepared dishes. Oh yeah, how can I forget the seemingly full parking lot from open to close? Do not let this deter you from stopping in. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find this fine tuned ship has mastered efficiency and charted a course to be fondly referred to by you as "our favorite little restaurant in New Holland, PA". Leon (September 2017)

Five stars. Amazing ice cream. Amber (September 2017)

Five stars. Quaint little restaurant with tons of breakfast options! Tigh (August 2017)

Five stars. Very good food it was very fun. Noah (August 2017)

Five stars. Nevil (August 2017)

Five stars. Great food everytime. Matthew (July 2017)

Five stars. Great service and great food. D (July 2017)

Four stars. Good basic food at a good price. Great for lunch. Joe (July 2017)

Five stars. Wonderful people and wonderful food. Trythina (July 2017)

Five stars. Great service and great food. D (July 2017)

Five stars. This is always my go to place breakfast or lunch patio is the best. Great friendly staff and wonderful food. Jane (June 2017)

Five stars. Home cooked meals, great staff, good food and service, convenient location. Gene (June 2017)

Five stars. Paul (June 2017)

Five stars. Best breakfast in town. Friendly service. Arthur (June 2017)

Five stars. We ate at the restaurant and the food was delicious. Word of caution the ice cream scoops are big but worth it. Sean (June 2017)

Four stars. Just had ice cream. Good size proportions, friendly staff. Gregg (June 2017)

Five stars. Breakfast special, two slices of French toast one slice of sausage. Great breakfast Deelishis. Lon (June 2017)

Five stars. Great food & service every time we go. Joe (June 2017)

Four stars. Nice atmosphere. J Witwer (June 2017)

Five stars. General manager really nice and all the facilities nice also. Ellen (June 2017)

Four stars. Food is always good for a great price.  Ryan (May 2017)

Four stars. Like it. Lukas (May 2017)

Four stars. Cool. Ryan (May 2017)

Four stars. The food was good and the dessert was excellent. Candace (April 2017)

Five stars. A great place for a light lunch or a quiet evening dinner. Good food, comfortable environment, and very reasonable prices. Excellent service from Emily. And now Robert B. Jerry (March 2017)

Four stars. Lunch menu options were typical for a diner and priced right. Service was fast and friendly. Decor is above average for a diner, but not that of a restaurant. Ice cream desert menu is reasonably priced for the portions.  Matthew (March 2017)

Four stars. Great breakfast and large portions.  Demetrius (February 2017)

Four stars. Yummy food great service. Tami (February 2017)

Four stars. Great Breakfast. Tim (January 2017)

Five stars. Delicious food. GE (December 2016)

Five stars. Ben (October 2016)

Four stars. Great hometown food.  Jeff (October2016)

Five stars. Always great sandwiches and ice cream delights-friendly, quick staff make it even better. Supporting local, family-owned businesses is easy when I stop by Squireside for a bite. Lydia (September 2016)

Five stars. Tourist friendly, great breakfast menu and service.  Traci (August 2016)

Five stars. Delicious ice cream sundaes. The pita split is super.  Jesse (July 2016)

Five stars. Good service, great food.... a nice family feel about the place.  Andy (July 2016)

Five stars. SquireSide has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere and their breakfast menu is superb.  Anita (July 2016)

Five stars. Great for breakfast and ice cream!!!  Adam (July 2016)

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Awesome food! Great service! Alex (September 2017)

A great place for a light lunch or a quiet evening dinner. Good food, comfortable environment, and very reasonable prices. Excellent service from Emily.  Jerry (April 2017)

I was just there recently on March 1st and then again on March 3rd, both times for breakfast.  The food was outstanding and hot, the waitress was outstanding, the service

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